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Project Management

Humboldt  and staff have extensive experience in project management. For any project undertaken a Project Execution Plan (PEP) will be prepared as the prime vehicle by which our management approach to the project is documented and communicated to the project team.

The PEP outlines how the project activities will be managed to ensure that the project objectives of both the client and Ellston Buildings are met. It outlines 'the what, the how and the means' for protecting the quality of the project. It documents processes and procedures that cover the following issues:

  • ProM.JPGProject background;
  • Contractual arrangements;
  • Client and Ellston Buildings objectives;
  • Scope of work and services;
  • Deliverables;
  • Project milestones;
  • Project management methodology;
  • Procedures;
  • Project organisation;
  • Key personnel and responsibilities;
  • OH&S requirements and practices (including a discrete OH&S plan and the preparation of Safe Work Method Statements for specific project activities);
  • Environmental management requirements (including a discrete environmental management plan as required);
  • Risk management procedures, including a discrete risk management plan;
  • Documentation, correspondence and data management;
  • External communication procedures, including Client responsibilities;
  • Project control practices;
  • Project close-out; and
  • Project review and audit procedures.

Stephen Johnston, founder and managing director of Humboldt Pty Ltd, is highly respectable for his project management skills and along with his project management team they can guarantee quality projects delivered.